Personal Service


Our dealers are humans, not computers

Goldman Bullion only employs experienced dealers who can explain everything to you simply and clearly

At Goldman Bullion we ensure we understand our customers requirements. Whether you are a private individual executing a once in a lifetime payment to purchase a holiday home, or are a corporation using our services to purchase currency for you to use for your payments, we understand that you have questions that need answers.


Unlike other faceless websites, Goldman Bullion is staffed by humans rather than computers. Our experienced dealers are always available at the end of an email or a phone line to ensure than any questions you have can be accurately answered. And unlike computers, if for whatever reason we need clarification, we will actively seek the information your require to complete your transaction.


Don’t understand IBAN, SWIFT/BIC, enhanced due diligence for high risk jurisdictions? We do, and can lead you through the process to ensure your payment reaches your beneficiary. Often in the past, we’ve held off accepting client funds until the payment instruction is clear. We ensure that every payment reaches its beneficiary regardless of intermediary banks or forwarding institutions. If we believe there is an error in your information we will endeavor to correct it and agree with you before releasing your payment.


In essence, you can be sure that by choosing Goldman Bullion as your payment processor, your funds are in the safest of hands.