Same Day Transfers

Banks make you wait on your payments - we aim for all payments to reach your beneficiary same day

You make your payment … You wait … Why

Goldman Bullion aims to make all bank to bank transfers same day

When making an international payment many payment institutions will quote you a 2-3 day timeframe before the payment reaches your beneficiary. The reason for this is typically cost. To make a same day transfer is more expensive, both in terms of the actual charge levied for the transfer itself together with the cost to purchase the currency on the wholesale market.


At Goldman Bullion we’ve found that most of our customers want the service they pay for. If you are completing on a property transaction or paying a supplier or bill abroad, you want the funds to get there as quick as possible. It’s for this reason that we always endeavor to complete your payment on the same day.


There are some limitations, your funds need to be received to our account prior to 1.00pm (you need to allow time for the bank transfer to our account which isn’t always immediate) and the currency needs to be available on the wholesale market on the same day. Typically for USD and EUR, which are the most common currencies we transact, this is the case. For some other currencies it may take 1 or 2 days until your currency can be bought, though we ensure that the payment leaves our account at the earliest opportunity and payments are sent via the international CHAPS service.


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