Your Security


The security of your funds is our paramount priority

At Goldman Bullion our key priority is the safety and security of your funds. From the time your funds reach our account we ensure that they are only transferred through trusted banking partners until you receive your currency.

We ensure that the partners we deal with, banks and similar corporations, have equal or greater regulation, segregated client accounts and can guarantee your funds.

Goldman Bullion Limited is a registered money service business. Her Majesty’s Revenue and customs certificate number 12720527.

You should ensure that for your safety and security, your payment partner is regulated for the activities they carry out on your behalf. Goldman Bullion is regularly audited by the banks, HMRC and other partner organisations, in addition to our internal compliance team to ensure that all regulations are met. We would prefer to reject a transaction rather than continue if there is any degree of uncertainty regarding either our client or the ultimate beneficiary of the funds.